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Cyberbullying and Cell Phone Policy




Cyberbullying can take the form of threats, exclusion, impersonation, or gossip via computer, smartphones, or other devices. Emerson Junior High and the DJUSD take cyberbullying very seriously. We work to prevent cyberbullying through educating students and respond promptly when it does happen. Technology is an ever-changing landscape that adults often find challenging to navigate and to keep up with the ways that teenagers use different application, or apps.

These resources can be extremely valuable for families and students when discussing how and when to use technology, the impact of cyberbullying, and the latest trends.


If you have questions, or suspect cyberbullying, please contact our office at (530) 757-5430. Below is our school cell phone policy. Also, be on the lookout for upcoming Parent Information Nights focused on teenage technology use!


DJUSD Cell Phone Policy from the Emerson Student Handbook:


Students may use technology for educational purposes. With teacher permission, students may do research, take photos, use applications, read an e-book or other activities which relate to the teacher lesson. When finished with the lesson, technology is expected to be turned off.

Students are responsible for the devices they bring to school and if they are damaged, lost or stolen.  Once school begins, we ask that all personal electronics be turned off except under the direction of a staff for academic purposes. If phones or other devices are used at any time during the school day except under the direction of a staff for academic purposes, staff may confiscate the device. We want students to be engaged in learning. Texting, messaging, social media, photo messaging and other uses can cause a variety of drama and distraction on campus.

If a student violates the policy:

-First offense, the device will be returned to the student at the end of the school day.

-Second offense, the parent must come and pick up the device.

-Third offense, the parent must come and pick up the device and meet with administration.

All other violations will be addressed by the district policy for progressive discipline.


*Students may always come to the office to communicate with parents, guardians, or family members, or they may ask permission from a staff member.